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Vee69 provides advertising, research, and PR services.

We offer effective promotional campaign tactics, media buying services, research, campaign development and management. Our overarching objective is to assist our clients in marketing their products, services, and/or ideas to the targeted market via the most cost-efficient medium. Vee69 provides advertising services for both traditional and new media channels. Our marketing services are vast in scope. We also create innovative communication tactics. We aid in the design of marketing plans that maximize outcomes, reduce advertising expenses, and increase profitability. We are brand creation specialists. We provide services in addition to communication strategy formulation. We aid in the creation of promotional activities that deliver positive bottom-line results and enhance advertising investment return. Due to our distinctive approach, we are one of the most sought-after teams in Nigeria.


With our strategically positioned billboards and partnerships with radio and television stations in all 36 states of Nigeria, we assure maximum reach, frequency, and impact in the most persuasive, informative, and memorable manner possible.

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